VorBlade™ Sleepman™


Guardian Angel at your fingertips

Sleepman is the world’s first all-in-one wearable gadget that gives you:

Bio-Smart Alarm with unique functions: Sleep Enhancer that improves your sleep efficiency and Power Nap Alarm that offers a “quick recharge” when you feel tired or drowsy; Doze-Off Alert for early fatigue detection featuring driving and office modes;

…and more…


Doze-off Alert – increasing your safety

Sleepman Doze-Off Alert is designed for the early detection of fatigue to keep you safer whether you drive a car, operate heavy machinery or involved in any other alertness-demanding activity.

In a driving mode it monitors the driver’s bio-signals, detects loss of concentration at the very early stages and warns the driver by vibrating, flashing lights and/or sounds prompting them to stop and get a rest to avoid accidents.

An office mode is designed for people who work long shifts or need to stay concentrated. It will warn you of drowsiness and offer to “quickly recharge” yourself with Sleepman’s Power Nap function.