VorBlade™ Products – revolutionary aerodynamic solutions for your vehicle. Our products are designed by aerospace physicists and re-designed by motor vehicle engineers specifically for the highway conditions. It’s not rocket science anymore. Now it works for you!


Looking for fuel savings and improved aerodynamic stability of your truck? Look no further! Get up to 9.5% in fuel saving and about 50% stability increase with VorBlade™ Cab and Trailer Systems! Just give it a try and you would be pleasantly surprised.

Please look at “Cab & Trailer Systems” for more information about VorBlade Tractor and Trailer Systems. We also have VorBlade™ System configurations for straight (box) trucks, buses, RVs, pull trailers, vans and even smaller vehicles.



Going to California? EPA SmartWay Verified VorBlade Wing™ Systems are the easiest way to become CARB Compliant. NO trailer skirts or additional devices are needed. Low height configuration is available.

Please look at our “EPA-CARB Wing Systems” page for more information and a short video about VorBlade Wing™ Systems.


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New product Announcement!!!

Launching on June 21 2016. Sleepman: Driver doze-off alert and sleep optimization www.sleepman.com

Are you wondering how do VorBlade™ Systems work? Do you want to know how much you are paying for air drag? May it be 30% of your fuel money? Can it be 50%? Please see animations and videos at our “How it Works” page.